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JPEG vs. RAW, which option is better for you?

Most of us have spent a lot of time working out how to use all of our camera's functionality, different settings and basic understanding of everything involved of setting up the camera to take manual shots, ISO, aperture and shutter speed for example.  Then comes the part where you are messing about with the menu options and you come across the format section, now do you want to use the JPEG or RAW? 

JPEG are more familiar to all of us, the term is used much more regularly so I suppose most people will instantly feel more conformable with it.  From a technical point of view JPEG uses less space on your memory card so it allows your camera to take up to 3 times as many pictures, this is because the files are compressed and processed by your camera, that also allows virtually all image software to open and view the images.

RAW however does not compress the image, this means that the images take up more space, you need specialist software to view and edit the images and your shots will need to be processed before they are ready to print.  Now you might be thinking is it worth it?  Well for me yes it is, as the images are not compressed you can alter the image to a much higher level post event, there is a small amount of confidence that comes with the knowledge you can atone for your picture sins after the event!  This can however take time.

If you haven't already I would suggest that you take pictures in RAW and JPEG to understand the differences in image quality and  what is possible in your editing suite as well.  Let us know your thoughts.


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