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Motion Blur
Motion blur is a brilliant way to broaden your photography skills, putting movement into a shot can add an extra element or depth to the shot, it takes practice but it is definitely worth it.
White Balance
What is White Balance? The white balance is basically how your camera sees colours, I like the term colour temperature as it helps me to visualise it better, were the colours warm or cold etc.
Exposure is the result of the amount of light the film or camera sensor receives during a single shot. The consequence to the resulting picture is very important, too much exposure and your shot will be a white out, too little and it will be very dark.
Rule of Thirds
Imagine a blank piece of paper, now divide the paper equally with two lines vertically and two horizontal, what you can now see is a basic grid used by photographers all over the word, it is called the rule of thirds.
Depth of Field
Depth of Field is a term used to describe the distance between the first part of your picture which is in focus and the last. As a photographer you can control the depth of field with your lens selection and the aperture you choose.
ISO is the third element to consider when taking pictures, the ISO setting allows you to control how quickly the camera will react to light or the light sensitivity when a photograph is taken.
Shutter Speed
Shutter speed is exactly what it sound like, the speed at which your camera opens and closes the shutter over the lens, the speed you choose will expose the picture to light for different amount of time affecting the exposure of the shot.
Whatever the reason you bought your DSLR was, at some point if you are anything like me you will ask "why do these different present modes take different types of picture?" well the answer is simple aperture, shutter speed and ISO.